Why is your Evolution laminate flooring considered to be the best hardwood alternative floor on the market?

All floors are not created equally .There are a lot of factors that helps our products achieve a high level of durability and realism. Some laminate flooring samples may look similar when comparing a board of one manufacturer to another. But unfortunately it takes more than one board to create a beautifully natural looking laminate floor.

1.  Natural variation throughout the individual boards 

This is important to achieve a natural flowing floor. Most so called hardwood alternative products in the market achieve only one colour tone throughout their entire board range. This is a characteristic of the old style of laminate flooring which is very monotone and has an unnatural, repetitive feel to it. Quite like a chess board pattern. Ask the retailer if they have any pictures they can show you of finished installations of the product you are looking at.

2.  What is AquaShield?

Evolutions Aqua Shield is the worlds first flooring protection system for laminate flooring. Made from all natural non toxic elements, Aqua Shield protects you floors from water damage from accidental spills.
Your Evolution laminate flooring now comes factory finished with Aqua Shiel on all 4 sides of every plank providing exception protection for you investment and is only available on selected Evolution products sold throughout Australia only.

Tradition laminate flooring and timber floors have always been adversley effected from water ingress and spillages. Laboratory tests results revealed that Aqua Sheild will provide protection from water damage for up to 60 hours. Tradition laminate flooring will incur damages after only 30 minutes.
Evolution laminate flooring + Aqua Shield provides unbeatable durabilty and value to our customers, and further cements our position as the leading manufacturer of high quality laminate flooring.

3.  Smooth and Consistent Laminate Flooring finish.

Another very important point in achieving a high level of realism is the finish on the surface of the laminate floor. We tested over 20 different methods to achieve that high polished look on our floors. Our surface finish truly captures the look of a master crafted sanded and polished floor. When we first launched the product several years ago, several timber merchants were shown our Evolution samples and could not believe it wasn’t real timber. The consistency of the gloss finish is extremely difficult to achieve and requires specialist knowledge at the manufacturing stage. Watch out for laminate flooring that have an uneven gloss finish from board to board or has an orange peels effect on the surface. They are using inferior gloss hot press technology.

4.  Clearest Liquid overlay + Aluminium Oxide protective surface layer. 

When trying to replicate a natural surface like polished hardwood, clarity of the surface finish is of the utmost importance. Real timber floors do not loose opacity when viewed at different angles. Evolution floors use the most technically advances liquid overlay solution available. When observed from any viewing angle, the clarity of our rich and vibrant designs are not obstructed by the overlay finish. There is no milky overtones which obstruct the opacity of finish which is common to cheaper overlay finished used to reduce manufacturing costs. Our superior finish is another reason why our floors achieve such an amazingly natural look when compared to real hardwood floors. The surface is also impregnated with aluminium oxide to provide extra protection to your laminate flooring. In fact they are at least 5 x harder to scratcg than traditional flooring lacquers.

5.  How many repeated boards are in every box?

The key to a great and natural looking floor is product + installation. When installing the boards you want to have an even spread, and amount of different boards throughout the floor. Our Evolution range of flooring has no repeats in each box .Each board is numbered on the underside from 1 – 8 so you will have an even number boards that will be naturally distributed across the installation. Many laminate and “Hardwood Alternative” products on the market have not sorted the boards properly at the manufacturing stage. They may claim to have 6 or 8 different boards designs in the packet but often have only 1 or 2. So you may open a box to find 6-8 repeated patterns. This will not achieve a natural looking floor but more of a patterned chess board. This has a devastating effect on the look and feel of the finished installation. Ask your retailer to open a box of the floor you are considering and check to see that there are no repeated patterns in the box.

6.  Square Edged Flat surface

Evolution laminate flooring is the only hardwood alternative floor that features square edged boards. This was considered impossible by many manufacturers until we perfected the technique. No other flooring manufacturer has been able to replicate this process. The end result is a smooth flat floor that is like silk to walk on. The flatness reinforces the belief that it truly is the genuine article. Joints are hardly visible and dirt is not trapped in the joints.

7. Where can I buy Evolution laminate flooring?

Our products can we bought from all good flooring specialist stores. We have resellers in all locations across Australia. Please visit our locate store page on this site or phone or email us and we will give you the name of a store in your area.

8. Do we need any type of underlay underneath our laminate flooring?

The short answer is yes. All of our floors are ‘floating floor’. This means that the laminate floor is not fixed to the subfloor and floats on an underlayment. This enables the laminate floor to expand and contract freely throughout the seasons. The underlay also must have a moisture barrier that will stop subfloor moisture from absorbing into the floor. There is also acoustic rated underlay that is mandatory in all installation in strata apartments. Email us for more information about what what paper work is required for strata installations.

9. How long is the wear warranty and what does it cover?

* 12mm flooring – 25 years
* 8mm products – 20 years.

The warranty guarantees that the surface will not fade, wear through or delaminate from the core board.

  • residential
  • structural


Make Sure It’s Evolution

Please make sure you are being supplied with genuine EVOLUTION LAMINATE FLOORING. Several retail outlets have been passing off inferior laminate flooring as EVOLUTION Laminate Flooring. Please check your packaging before installation.